What You See is What You Get

Start building custom forms and reports for your applications quickly by dragging and dropping widgets.
  • Place and group widgets anywhere you want
  • Create table to present data effortlessly
  • Enable automatic page scale with screen size
  • Make changes anytime easily for all your forms and reports

Calculations Made Easy

Perform calculation within your forms without learning programming languages.
  • Utilize the graphical interface to apply calculations
  • Apply different calculations to different situations
  • Configure user-input validations, apply business rules, adopt statistical calculations and generate reports
  • Use most of the calculation functions you familiar with in Excel

"Draw" Your Business Process - State-based Intuitive Workflow Designer

If you can draw your business process on paper, you can intuitively draw it in our Workflow Designer tool and be worry-free from coding.
  • Drag and drop the states of your process and link them together to form a complete End-To-End Process
  • Use a business perspective and not a technical perspective to set up workflows
  • Modify business process at any time even the application is running in production
  • Compose Notification Messages for different condition to different users

Comprehensive Permission Management

Besides basic user role permission settings, we do care about your need for a more sophisticated permission control.
  • Control who can perform what actions(e.g. edit, deploy, test, run) in which Environments. For example, App developer can access Developing and UAT environment but not Production environment, and only testers from each department of your organization can access to the UAT environment.
  • Grant different access rights of different functions of the app to different users. Different Apps have different sets of User Roles
  • Workflow level permissioning allows you to set who can take which action in different forms in different Workflow States. For example, for normal staff, all the records in the waiting for approval state will become read only, but for managers, the records are editable.
  • Grant Previous Approvers in different states to have different permission in the subsequent states. For example, when an leave applications has been approved by a manager and the HR Department sequentially and now the application is at the "Approved" state. Edit right can be granted to the manager but not the HR Department, such that the manager can edit the details of the form while the HR personnel cannot take any actions.
  • Assign different Co-creator Roles to different users for each App to manage who can edit, deploy, or test the app
  • Control permission by different aspects, such as application layout (by each application, page or even widget), nature of record and workflow state

Kill Three Birds with One Stone - Convert to Mobile App View with A Click

Click a button and tidy up the layout, your app is ready to be used in mobile devices.
  • Make your app available on Web, iOS and Android
  • Configure your business logic once, all platforms will be synchronized automatically

Report! We Love Reports. And We Need Them

You can use reports for data presentation, even as invoices.
  • Create customized PDFs via our Report Designer
  • Export data displayed in tables as Excel spreadsheets
  • Use charts and graphs to build your very own dashboards

Before Go Live - Get Your App Deployed

With just two steps, your app is delivered to different environments for testing and go live.
  • Package and deploy your app for testing and production.
  • Control versions of your app, to indicate whether it's a new build of the same version or it's a Bug Fix, Minor Change, or Major Change.
  • Make backups for your apps and/or data, you can restore them when necessary.

But Don't Miss It : Quality Assurance and Testing

Unit testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing can be done easier.
  • Create up to 8 testing environments, which allow different parties have independent environment for testing
  • Simulate other user accounts to perform testing efficiently (For non-production environments only)
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